Investment Strategy

Time and again, our investment strategy has proven effective for market conditions. We apply careful thought and rigorous analysis to every opportunity. Our solid investment philosophy, unique operating philosophy, and commitment to building communities combine to inform our strategic decisions.

Group One constantly scans the real-estate market for niche opportunities that match our time-tested criteria:

  1. A need for the real estate project that outstrips existing supply
  2. A measured lack of capital available for financing
  3. Barriers to entry into the niche under review

If an investment opportunity meets these criteria, we study the risks and rewards to determine the best way to capitalize the investment so returns are maximized and risks are minimized.

Investment Strategy > Investment Philosophy

The following economic principles are the foundation of our investment philosophy:

  • The real estate market dwarfs all other investment markets, resulting in numerous undiscovered opportunities—our unique combination of skills allows us to identify overlooked niches
  • A fixed supply of land combined with a growing population increases value over time—we analyze all aspects of local markets to determine the best opportunities
  • The best time to invest in real estate is when capital supply is low and demand is rising, but due to unforeseeable changes in the economy, there is always a chance that timing will be wrong—we focus on properly capitalizing investments to ensure positive returns regardless of timing

Investment Strategy > Building Communities

All of the communities in which we live and operate are important to our company's success. Our goal is to reach out to these communities in order to break down barriers, build trust and strengthen relationships.

Resident Community - Part of good property management is the process of building a strong community. With some real effort, we've found that we can create an environment where tenants are happier, resulting in lower turnover rates, higher occupancy and ultimately greater returns.

Investor Community - We strive to bring our investor community together through events that will educate or simply create opportunity to build relationships.

Partner Community - All of the people involved in the development and operation of our various projects must be engaged and feel important to the overall process. The more involved and invested they feel, the greater the effort and ultimate success of the project.

Investment Strategy > Operating Philosophy

Investing money on behalf of families and individuals is an honor—one that Group One treats with utmost respect. By maintaining an open and transparent environment, we have built trust and confidence among all of our investors

  • We take a holistic approach to our work—if we meet the needs of our tenants and customers, we will also meet the needs of our investors and our company
  • A fixed supply of land combined with a growing population increases value over time—we analyze all aspects of local markets to determine the best opportunities
  • We understand the importance of team—individuals with complementary skills who share a common vision are a very powerful force

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